Mund & Fester

About Us

We are specialists in all areas of transport-insurance in maritime Hamburg. We are Underwriters, developing effective Insurance concepts, with a sense of dedication and on the foundation of our long history. We insure everything that floats, anything of value or necessity, along with luxury goods and race cars. Our main focus is on transport of goods of all types, and insurance of events and exhibitions.  The protection of sensitive (aquatic)-building sites is another of our areas of specialization.

Our style at Mund & Fester is Hanseatic, straightforward and cosmopolitan, and has been so since 1876. The founders, Adolph Mund, Heinrich Fester and his brother Jules, were the pioneers- the men and women who have followed in their footsteps have remained true to our original principles and continue to observe and nurture them. This sense of obligation serves to ground our asymmetrical team and gives it the competence to deal with a business that is, despite international norms and standards, exceedingly complex.

As partner to our clients and in cooperation with professional brokers we are agents for more than 30 domestic and international insurance companies. We underwrite risk in the field of transport insurance worldwide. Claims and damages are processed quickly and thoroughly by our damage-commission. With our partner,  Hermann Ahrens Havariebüro we lead successful recourse actions on behalf of the insurers we represent. We remain true to our guidelines: integrity, dependability, and responsibility.


Specialized Knowledge

Since our founding in 1876, we have considered ourselves to be specialists in the field of transport insurance in the port city of Hamburg.

Our deep insight into the subject matter, and our outstanding expertise are growing continually. Each particular case involving transport and maritime insurance demands an exhaustive examination, as social and political developments play a role when determining risk-management strategies. This is seen to by our excellently qualified staff.

We are at our best when dealing with the extraordinary:  We consider the development of insurance coverage in complex and tricky cases to be a challenge- the tracking down of all relevant parameters as our mission and incentive to work out the best solution for our partners.

At Mund & Fester we are particularly proud of…

…our outstanding “Crew”:
They operate independently, conscientiously, and with the deepest confidence of our executive management.

A style of operation that makes exceptional achievement and dedication possible.

Our dealings with our business partners are marked by respect and personal commitment.

In a time of constant change we remain a stable team and offer reliable and durable partnerships.

Our Guidelines

We do not have to constantly remind ourselves of our company’s rules of compliance. We remain true to these rules, to our sense of professionalism, reliability and responsibility toward nature and the environment. They are part of the basic character of our company, and are in line with the personal attitudes of our staff.

We are not interested in hasty periods of review and fast-moving, fickle business relationships. We are a bit old-fashioned, with a clarity of attitude that enables us to remain loyal and predictable to our business partners.

Underwriting and Changing Markets

Increased flow of goods, changing political conditions and digitalization in the insurance-business:

We are constantly confronted with new developments and challenges.We gladly take these on and approach tricky problems with curiosity and composure.

Resting on our stable entrepreneurial foundation, we remain watchful and inquisitive, and able, with our excellent and competent team, to find responsible insurance-solutions.