Better not...

A freighter is shipwrecked and must be towed to an emergency harbour:
Massive travel delays.

Derailment of a locomotive or a collision of two trains:
Traffic accidents with damage to vehicles or cargo:

The chain of refrigeration is broken, spoiling an entire ship-load.

A fire destroys a warehouse: A gem dealer is robbed?

An event has to be cancelled as a result of bad weather, or a building site evacuated.
Certainly all damage scenarios to be avoided…

But, if the worst does happen?..

Following the conception of the optimal insurance coverage, and the completion of the applicable policies, we, as underwriters, undertake the necessary steps toward a speedy and uncomplicated processing of claims:

From analysis of the damage through to cooperation with leading engineers, claims attorneys and experts.
This is also true for the provision of securities (large leakage and recovery guarantees) and for the handling of third-party claims against our clients.

In short, everything needed from the registering of claims  to their settlement. Together with our partner-firm Hermann Ahrens Havariebüro GmbH, we lead successful recourse actions in the name the insurers we represent.

From paper to reality.

What other sell, we make “visible”…

Based on this principle, the Damages/Claims department at Mund & Fester has customer service utmost in view. We have experience with the sort of damages that can develop into true chains of disaster.

It is such cases that, though rare, give special meaning to this small but important segment of the insurance branch.

In extraordinary cases, the Claims team from Mund & Fester is on the ground on location, for example in Southeast Asia or South America.

There, our team can make its own impression of the situation, and utilizes the chance to clear up difficult cases as quickly as possible through personal discussions with all involved. The intercultural exchange that comes along with this process brings a bit of international flair into the unpretentious offices of our “damage-pros”!

A Brief Look Back

As early as the middle ages, merchants banded together to form guilds and considered how best to disperse and limit risk while transporting their wares. Insurance Underwriters were first mentioned in 1677 in a pronouncement by the Senate of Hamburg.

Later, in 1797, the “Union of Hamburg Underwriters” was established, which, after a fusion with the “Union of Bremen Maritime Insurers”, is known today as the “Union of Hanseatic Transport Insurers”.

Handling of Claims in Our Day

Today Mund & Fester, in addition to its reliable connections to a stable contingent of authorities and experts worldwide, has one thing above all:

An enormous pool of experience- a whole book full of valuable stories and fascinating cases which have, to some extent, changed the course of the industry.

Add to that a curious, competent team that likes to think outside the box in an insurance industry that is constantly changing, thereby allowing itself to grow and develop in kind.